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Possibly losing my page soon. →



Just got another email from tumblr accusing me of copy write infringement. Final warning.
If I lose my page because of that, fear not. You can’t keep a good man down.

This is what happens when I reblog from some people that don’t care where they get their stuff from I guess.

If I can count on…

I might give this a try, stop reblogging

It seems as though they are really cracking down.

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Is there a limit to how many likes you can have? Because mine steadily goes up. Even when I have no likes it still says I have over 200. Does anyone else have this weird glitch? I asked Tumblr about it once and they just said it was a low priority problem for them.

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Redheads are too sexy!

Redheads are too sexy!

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Anonymous asked: Is Kate Upton your lord and savior?


She definitely could be.

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Had to post a few more. I love Lauren WK! Don’t you?

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Definitely one of my fave new models. I couldn’t even narrow it down to ten photos.

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I wonder how many White cocks Lacey has sucked. I wonder if she can count that high.

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Lacey: From pretty mullato teen porn slut, to cum drenched phat assed ghetto hoochie.

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Kristen Leanne. Tattooed blond Goddess.

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